Remi Reuvekamp's Home Page

Welcome to my piece of the Web. I’m a Dutch self-driven software engineering student, with a strong interest in software freedom. Currently living in the city of Groningen. This site contains a few blog posts and houses my contact information.

My amateur radio call-sign is PD4NK. It has its own separate home page which you can find here.

Contact information

Please use email if possible. My email address is: remireuvekamp at remireuvekamp dot N L

I used to be quite active on IRC and Matrix. It might take some time for me to respond, but it doesn’t hurt to check: remi on . If you’d like, you can also check if my Matrix server is still on:

I don’t want to publicly endorse nonfree ‘services’ or chat systems.

Blog and other things

Me on other parts of the internet