Email spam is still a thing, apparently

Short blog entry.

Email spam is still a thing, apparently. For a few months, the “Contact information” on my main page included I kind of predicted spam, and therefore put in the ‘site’ part (making use of the catch-all mailbox). But wow, I got more spam on it than I expected.

In the last few months, I’ve had ‘my accounts’ accepted for multiple great cryptocurrency investment things. I’ve been chosen to become part of many great cryptocurrency investment things. I’ve got 3 new girlfriends everyday. Oh, and don’t forget the great apothecary offers, for if you’re having personal issues.

Too many of these passed through the spamfilter, so I should look at that sometime.

My point being. still a thing, Well, it sucks that email spam is still such a thing. I’m quite a big fan of the nicely federated system which email is, and spam filters should be pretty good because they’ve seen lots of development (right?). But apparently sending spam is still so worthwhile. And I guess it is, because too many mails passed through my Spamassassin instance. And even if it does get thrown into junk, many people (source: people around me) check into spam once in a while. Clickbaity titles for ‘great investments’ maybe work even if they’re put in a separate spam folder by the mail server/provider.

Anyway, this half-ass article is getting too long. To sum it up: email spam is still a big thing, and that sucks.